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Frequently asked questions

We hope you will find the answer(s) to your question(s) within the list below. If that is not the case, feel free to leave us a message.


Services: Website security

Why should I care about the security of my website(s)?

We have a question for you: Do you lock your door at home when you're leaving? If so, then why?
It's the same when it comes to digital security. You certenately do not want to leave the door wide open for an attacker. Besides that, it's totally up to you how much you actually care. If you do not have any critical data/systems connected with your website you actually do not have to worry about getting company related information stolen, modified or even destroyed through injections like server-side code injection and SQL injection. But even then your website visitors can be at risk getting abused through attacks like XSS. In that case you are actually presenting your visitors insecure applications and that can hurt your business/image badly. Letting your site(s) check by experts can help you to prevent that from happening.

Why do I have to verify ownership of a website before starting the security tests?

It's just a protection mechanism to make sure that not everyone is able to check any site and being able to abuse the found vulnerabilities based on our report. We could really get into troubles by allowing anyone to use the service without the approval from the actual website owner.

Why does it take that long to complete the BASIC SECURITY CHECKS?

The bigger your site and the harder it is for our tests to find critical security issues the longer it takes. Another reason for that is that it's essencialy black box testing at this stage and that leads to the need to make way more requests to figure out what systems you are actually running. More efficient and specific tests within a white box manner are not supported yet.

What User-Agent do you use when you crawl sites/pages?

Our crawler is called Geekwebbot. The useragent is the following for all our calls: Geekwebbot/1.0. We currently do not honor any nicely asked 'do not visit' settings (like the robots.txt or proper meta-tags), so you have to block the bot for real if you do not want our bot crawling through your site.

When will the ADVANCED package be available?

We would like to have the BASIC packages within the other two areas (creation and marketing) online first. But nonetheless: The advanced security package is already in development and should be out within the next months. The release of even more advanced packages will very likely take much longer. There is much more to be established internally before we are able to offer that. Let us know if you are interested in a specific package/offer.


Services: Website creation & marketing

Why is there nothing online yet?

It will probably take several months before we are able to release the proper packages within those service areas. There is a lot to be done (research, development, quality check, and much more) before we are able to release new services/packages.

How will these areas look like?

The idea is to provide three packages within each service area. The marketing area will be very similar to the security area. It will also be based on testing packages. The creation area will be a little bit different because there is not really anything to be tested there. The actual products can change during the development phase. We are not able to guarantee any specific outcomes here.


Payment methods

What is bitcoin? And why do you accept it?

Bitcoin is the first and most resistant decentralized virtual network that can be used as a monetary system. It's known to be the 'internet of money' and is very likely going to be used as the prefered payment method within the internet (and probably much more) very soon. Read more about it by taking a look at As a company that is interested in technological progress we can't see a reason why we shouldn't accept it as a payment method. We may even provide specialized crypto coin related services in the near future.

Paypal and credit cards

Paypal is one of the best known and most used payment processor services. Read more about it by taking a look at Not everyone is using bitcoin or paypal. With the implementation of a credit card payment processor API, we are able to fill that gap and round up our supported payment variety.