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Detect and fix your website's issues to prevent attacks!

Learn more about the different security vulnerabilities, find potential issues on your website and learn how to fix them. Prevent your website from getting hacked. Don't just wait until someone actually starts to abuse your website. Act now!

49% of the tested websites were vulnerable to XSS
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Website security: Quick check

This check is testing within the startpage only and checks for cross site request forgery, click jacking, spam prevention and potential spy-/malware. It does not cost anything and neither needs ownership verification nor hoster approval in order to run. For further (and way more detailed) checks you should take a look at the basic check.


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Advanced check

Not available yet!


Pages: 100k (1k GET & 200 POST)
Duration: up to 30 hours
Price: USD 99.‒

Quick security check

Test a startpage


Pages: 1 (startpage only)
Duration: up to 1 minute
Price: Free

Basic security check

Test a website


Pages: 10k (100 GET & 20 POST)
Duration: up to 3 hours
Price: USD 19.90