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Detect and fix your website's issues to prevent attacks!

Learn more about the different security vulnerabilities, find potential issues on your website and learn how to fix them. Prevent your website from getting hacked. Don't just wait until someone actually starts to abuse your website. Act now!

49% of the tested websites were vulnerable to XSS
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Website security: Basic check

Test your website

Basic security check USD 19.90

Start the tests now!

We check your website for security vulnerabilities

Our tests check for:
  • DOM-based reflected XSS (JavaScript code injection)
  • reflected SQLi: error-based and blind SQL injection (MySQL and MSSQL)
  • reflected CRLF injection by 302 http response splitting
  • click jacking and cross site request forgery
  • session riding and hijacking
  • spam prevention by displayed email addresses
  • potential spyware/malware by used external JS, images and iframes
  • a maximum of 100 unique GET pages and 20 POST (for the injection tests)
Our tests do NOT include:
  • stored XSS,SQLi and CRLFi
  • user inputs beyond GET and POST
  • dDoS resistance
  • business logic flaws
  • CRLF injection issues caused by HTML forms (like form mail spam)
  • JavaScript and CSS rendering beyond simple pattern detection

These tests will give you a basic overview about your potential security vulnerabilities. The tests are fully automated and detect a maximum of one critical issue per type. It takes somewhere between a few minutes and three hours to complete all the tests dependent on the size of your website and where the critical issues occur (if detectable). The tests run in your browser. So make sure you are able to keep your machine connected to the internet and keep your browser open until the check is finished. You'll get the report immediately after all the tests are done.

More detailed tests and reports can be pre-ordered after your site got through the basic tests.

Show the detailed list of what is included in the tests.


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Advanced check

Not available yet!


Pages: 100k (1k GET & 200 POST)
Duration: up to 30 hours
Price: USD 99.‒

Quick security check

Test a startpage


Pages: 1 (startpage only)
Duration: up to 1 minute
Price: Free

Basic security check

Test a website


Pages: 10k (100 GET & 20 POST)
Duration: up to 3 hours
Price: USD 19.90